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Extramural Research Units

Extramural Research Units comprise scientists based at tertiary institutions and conduct research on behalf of the SAMRC.

Antiviral Gene Therapy arrow Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease
Bioinformatics Capacity Development arrow Immunology of Infectious Disease
arrow Child and Adolescent Lung Health arrow Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies
arrow Developmental Pathways for Health arrow Microbial Water Quality Monitoring
arrow Diarrhoeal Pathogens arrow Molecular Mycobacteriology
arrow Drug Discovery and Development arrow Respiratory and Meningeal Pathogens
arrow Health Services to Systems arrow Risk & Resilience in Mental Disorders
arrow Herbal Drugs arrow Rural Public Health and Health Transition
arrow HIV-TB Pathogenesis and Treatment arrow Stem Cell Research and Therapy
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17 July, 2017
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