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Research Centres 

Research Centres comprise scientists based at tertiary institutions and conduct research on behalf of the SAMRC.

Cancer Centres

Common Epithelial Cancer Research Centre
Contact: Prof Paul Ruff
Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre
Contact: Prof Lynette Denny

Malaria Centres

MRC Office of Malaria Research (MOMR)
Contact: Prof Rajendra Maharaj

University of Cape Town Collaborating Centre for Optimising Antimalarial Therapy in South Africa (C COAT)
Contact: Prof Karen Barnes

University of Pretoria Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control (UPCSMC)
Contact: Prof Christiaan de Jager
arrow Wits University Collaborating Centre for Multi-disciplinary Research on Malaria
Contact: Prof Maureen Coetzee

HIV/TB Centres

Advancing Care and treatment (ACT) for TB/HIV
Contact: Prof Gavin Churchyard
Centre for Tuberculosis Biomarker-Targeted Intervention
Contact: Ass Prof Mark Hatherill
silver Clinical and Community HIV-Tuberculosis Research Collaborating Centre
Contact: Ass Prof Graeme Meintjes
silver Centre for Basic and Translational Human TB Research
Contact: Prof Adrie Steyn
silver TB Free through Research and Innovation
Contact: Prof Keertan Dheda
silver Tuberculosis Collaborating Centre for Child Health (TB-CHILD)
Contact: Prof Mark Nicol
silver Tygerberg SAMRC Collaborating centre for HIV Laboratory Research
Contact: Prof Wolfgang Preiser
silver Soweto Matlosana SAMRC Collaborating Centre for HIV/AIDS and TB
Contact: Dr Neil Martinson
silver Wits Clinical HIV/TB Research Unit, WITS Health Consortium
Contact: Associate Professor Ian Sanne
Wits RHI Collaborating Centre for HIV/AIDS
Contact: Prof Helen Rees
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8 June, 2017
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