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Mr Aziel GangerdineExecutive Manager: Aziel Gangerdine

Contact: Natasha Crouch
Tel: +27 21 938 0861

Corporate & Marketing Communications executes its communication management plans that are underpinned and guided by the key principles of public sector communication as defined by the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS):

  • Communication must be based on an integrated communication strategy and programme (with core messages that guide all actors);
  • In working out campaigns and programmes, there must be a deliberate effort to understand the communication environment;
  • A central communication service must have the authority to carry out its work – it must be aligned to the highest office in the organisation;
  • Communication structures do not determine policy – these articulate it;
  • Communication is more than just media liaison;
  • Direct communication and mutual exchange of views with key stakeholders if the most effective form of communication;   
  • Government work is a public activity;
  • Communication campaigns work best when these are carried out in partnership with others outside government;
  • Everyone within the context of government communication is a communicator. 
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3 June, 2016
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