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Latest Press Releases/Invites

arrow Genomics centre in Cape Town to decode genes (14 February 2018)
arrow National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey underway (5 February 2018)
arrow Making better use of qualitative evidence in decision making (2 February 2018)
arrow Anti-Microbial Resistance + Africa + Diagnostics: Global leaders converge from across Africa to counter AMR and to help the global fight  (29 January 2018)
arrow Community based maternal newborn care can be delivered at less than $1 per person say health economists (15 December 2017)
arrow Vulnerable groups exposed to elevated heat in waiting rooms (13 December 2017)
arrow African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility (12 December 2017)
arrow Public-private partnership begins HIV vaccine clinical trial in Sub-Saharan Africa (30 November 2017)
arrow Trying working environments strain quality of health care (27 November 2017)
arrow Designing inclusive interventions for change (22 November 2017)

Previous Press Releases

arrow Collaboration underscores malaria agenda (7 November 2017)
arrow SAPRIN: evidence-base data to inform sustainable solutions (1 November 2017)
arrow Accountable medical research council engages Standing Committee on Health (3 October 2017)
arrow SAMRC showcases responsive medical research and innovation (13 September 2017)
arrow Rio, Brazil: A convergence to place sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse & maltreatment at the heart of resolve (13 September 2017)
arrow Antibiotics: the shift from "commercial product" to "emergency treatment" (4 September 2017)
arrow Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces multifaceted challenge of infectious diseases & diseases of poverty (8 August 2017)
arrow A lifetime of real stories liberated in new book on female academics (7 August 2017)
arrow SAMRC President & CEO honoured with "Lifetime Achiever award" (6 August 2017)
arrow Responsive medical research in the fight against HIV/AIDS (15 June 2017)
arrow SAMRC software provides affordable access to ethical biobanking activities (9 June 2017)
arrow Obesity and diabetes in Africa on the rise (5 June 2017)
arrow National one-click access to evidence-based Cochrane reviews: increasing healthcare benefit and reducing harms and costs (1 June 2017)
arrow Health literacy lessons help children make sense of health claims, study finds (29 May 2017) (The Lancet Journal press)
arrow Public - Private partnership promises scientific capacity development and job opportunities (25 May 2017)
arrow Reinstated South Africa Demographic and Health Survey (SADHS) reveals limited improvement in the state of country's health (16 May 2017)
arrow SAMRC delivers amidst constricting economic climate (8 May 2017)
arrow Cardiovascular disease and cancers account for most deaths in the Western Cape (25 April 2017)
arrow Leading Scientists unite in a March for Science in Durban (21 April 2017)
arrow South African medical research pioneer listed as 1 of the 100 most influential people in the world (20 April 2017)
arrow Pioneering research and data management in Africa: a dual first (3 April 2017)
arrow SAMRC President expands country’s research & development influence globally (31 March 2017)
arrow Global rise of multidrug resistant tuberculosis threatens to derail decades of progress (Issued by The Lancet Respiratory Medicine) (22 March 2017)
arrow First lead exposure study puts poorly designed shooting ranges under fire (22 March 2017)
arrow Discovery of new gene that causes sudden death in adolescents (9 March 2017)
arrow South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Scientific Merit Awards 2017 (8 March 2017)
arrow Trial Studying HIV-Related Cardiovascular Disease Arrives in South Africa. (Issued by REPRIEVE) (27 February 2017)
arrow Novel public-private collaboration tackles what is expected to become the most common cause of death in Africa (9 February 2017)
arrow R10 million to support innovative health technologies in maternal and neonatal care across Africa (24 January 2017)
arrow DNA sequencing used to track transmission of incurable TB in South Africa (23 January 2017)
arrow DNA-based detection test improves battle strategy against TB by finding undiagnosed cases in the community (20 January 2017)
arrow World's first new HIV vaccine efficacy study in seven years gathers pace (30 November 2016)
arrow 2nd National Burden of Disease Study reveals noteworthy changes in mortality trends for South Africa (29 November 2016)
arrow GACD- funds Project to provide evidence on the economic burdens of tobacco use in South Africa (24 November 2016)
arrow SAMRC announces new board (22 November 2016)
arrow Saving lives at birth through innovation (17 November 2016)
arrow Country's leading researchers recognised for remarkable efforts in medical research (13 October 2016)
arrow Country's medical research council announces fourth consecutive clean audit (11 October 2016)
arrow Tuberculosis in Rhinoceros: Is this an under recognised threat? (12 September 2016)
arrow Violence in SA - towards prevention. (5 September 2016)
arrow 2016 South Africa Demographic and Health Survey Underway (22 August 2016)
arrow SAMRC / FORTE Joint Research Projects Announced (28 July 2016)
arrow SAMRC revives HIV vaccine trial site in the Eastern Cape (21 July 2016)
arrow Early mother-to-child transmission of HIV stats plunge (19 July 2016)
arrow Investment in biomedical research sustained (23 June 2016)
arrow More research needed on whether incentives improve TB detection and therapy (21 June 2016)
arrow SAMRC showcases advances in and seeks new investment opportunities in biomedical research at 2016 BIO International Convention (6 June 2016)
arrow SMS text message information system shows ability to improve adherence to care in chronic patients (2 June 2016)
arrow Call for Nominations to serve on the Board of the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) (30 May 2016)
arrow South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) co-hosts International Community Psychology Conference (23 May 2016)
arrow Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial to Launch in South Africa. NIH-Funded Study Will Test Safety, Efficacy of Vaccine Regimen. Press Release: National Institutes of Health (NIH) (19 May 2016)
arrow Research reveals that more than 1 young child is killed per day in South Africa (29 April 2016)
arrow Research shows disparity between Child Support Grant and child health in South Africa (22 April 2016)
arrow South African Medical Research Council Scientific Merit Awards 2016 - Call for nominations (1 March 2016)
arrow Monthly vaginal ring is safe and protects women from HIV - results from two large scale trials among women in Africa (22 February 2016)
arrow SAMRC calls for gender equality in South African homes (18 February 2016)
arrow A rapid, accurate and cost-effective innovation to test HIV drug resistance (16 February 2016)
arrow Renowned SAMRC scientists honoured for their contribution to health research (11 December 2015)
arrow R70 Million injected into TB control and implementation research (3 December 2015)
arrow Under reporting of HIV-related deaths hindering the fight against AIDS (2 December 2015)
arrow CERQual: A new approach for supporting the use of qualitative evidence in decision making (16 November 2015)
arrow The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Congress (9 November 2015)
arrow Improved diagnostic tests may manage the spread of bovine tuberculosis in South Africa (6 November 2015)
arrow Country’s leading researchers recognised for remarkable efforts in medical research (29 October 2015)
arrow Bi-lateral agreement between Sweden and South Africa secures in excess of R 30 million to advance health (26 October 2015)
arrow Heightened South African activity in HIV vaccine research (19 October 2015)
arrow The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) reports yet another flawless audit to Parly (16 October 2015)
arrow SAMRC speaks at the 21st South African Psychology Congress (15 September 2015)
arrow South African Medical Research Council plays crucial part in global polio eradication (11 September 2015)
arrow Leading experts in violence prevention gather in South Africa to share innovative ideas about…How to end gender violence (11 September 2015)
arrow Malaria research under the microscope (5 August 2015)
arrow SAMRC establishes Malaria Research Centres of Excellence by investing R 3 million (4 August 2015)
arrow Refocussing Malaria Research from Control to Elimination in South Africa (31 July 2015)
arrow The South African Medical Research Council presents its latest findings on improving MDR-TB patient care and announces new research funding ventures at SA AIDS 2015 (17 June 2015)
arrow R30 million for selected previously under-resourced South African universities (8 June 2015)
arrow Media are invited to a briefing by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) at the SA Aids Conference where the council will be presenting key findings and recommendations on improving patient care for MDR-TB patients and announcing new research funding ventures for South African medical scientists(8 June 2015)
arrow Announcement of the SAMRC Research Capacity Development Initiative for selected South African universities (5 June 2015)
arrow The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) responds to the Medical Innovation Bill (28 May 2015)
arrow Correction and Clarification Statement - The Saving Babies 2012-2013 Report (27 May 2015)
arrow Scientific Merit Awards 2015 Call for Nominations – Extended! (20 May 2015)
arrow Research Funders unite to prepare for outbreaks (6 May 2015)
arrow R 90 Million Newton Fund – First call for proposal (24 April 2015)
arrow MRC establishes a R 2 Million fund to host Distinguished Scientific Lectureships in South Africa (14 April 2015)
arrow 8 Million Dollars’ worth of grants awarded to scientists at South African Universities (13 April 2015)
arrow South African Medical Research Council - Scientific Merit Awards 2015 Call for Nominations (2 April 2015)
arrow The South African Medical Research Council’s new extramural units kick off new financial period (1 April 2015)
arrow The South African Medical Research Council responds to cancer and founds Cancer Research Centres around the country (9 February 2015)
arrow Combining medicine with technology to improve health care in South Africa (30 January 2015)
arrow Average life expectancy in South Africa continues to increase (27 January 2015)
arrow Average life expectancy in South Africa continues to increase (27 January 2015)
arrow South African Medical Research Council invests R 40 million in eight critical areas of medical research (27 November 2014)
arrow What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls? (27 November 2014)
arrow GACD Commitment to Fund Global Diabetes research (14 November 2014)
arrow South Africa Commits to Innovation by Making New Investment in Breakthrough Science to Help Women and Children (7 October 2014)
arrow Successful Global Symposium on Health Systems Research hosted in Cape Town (6 October 2014)
arrow SAMRC announces funding commitment as a key partner in the Newton Fund UK/South Africa joint research programme (10 September 2014)
arrow Research Council announces R25 million funding opportunity for five historically disadvantaged South African Universities (3 September 2014)
arrow Steroids Raise Cancer Risk in TB-associated HIV African-led multi-country study will change the clinical management of patients with TB pericarditis and sets new standards for south-led clinical trials (2 September 2014)
arrow SAMRC Collaborating Centres for TB/TB-HIV/HIV (21 August 2014)
arrow SAMRC and RTI partner to address tri-faceted epidemic in the Western Cape  (19 August 2014)
arrow South African Medical Research Council and PATH launch new Global Health Innovation Accelerator (8 August 2014)
arrow World Congress of Pharmacology, Cape Town (14 July 2014)
arrow Low carbohydrate diets result in similar weight losses to recommended balanced diets (9 July 2014)
arrow Are nurses and community workers as good as doctors in delivering HIV treatment? (3 July 2014)
arrow Rachel Jewkes hailed by Thomson Reuters as highly cited researcher (26 June 2014)
arrow R 150 million boost to eradicate TB in South Africa (12 June 2014)
arrow SA Medical Research Council committed to TB elimination at the 4th TB Conference (10 June 2014)
arrow South African women show high levels of obesity and overweight  (29 May 2014)
arrow SA Medical Research Council scientists aim for top awards (20 May 2014)
arrow Zinc supplementation boosts immune system in children, Cochrane Review finds   (19 May 2014)
arrow Close of Nomination period draws near  (14 May 2014)
arrow Tsetse fly genome sequenced (5 May 2014)
arrow SAMRC opens nomination call for country’s top medical scientists (16 April 2014)
arrow Update on National Mortality Trends - Life expectancy in SA on the increase (19 March 2014)
arrow South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) appoints its first woman president (18 March 2014)
arrow New research on potent HIV antibodies opens up possibilities for HIV prevention and treatment (3 March 2014)
arrow South African Cochrane Centre announces new Leadership Award (28 February 2014)
arrow Approaching deadline for individual abstracts (28 February 2014)
arrow One in 14 women worldwide sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner (12 February 2014)
arrow South African Medical Research gains international accolades - Nature Medicine (7 February 2014)
arrow The MRC and UCT announced the establishment of two strategic groundbreaking partnerships with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the MRC head office in Cape Town on 21/01/2014 (pdf format, 446 kb)
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Professor Maharaj: Malaria elimination agenda – how far have we come? The Conversation, 14 November 2017


We need more mental health activists, News 24, 29 October 2017 (SAMRC funded scholar comments on Esidimeni debacle)

bullet Professor Keertan Dheda speaks to City Press about the rise of drug resistant TB. 26 February 2017


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